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Greatest Pittsburgh Breweries

Compiling a list of the best breweries in Pittsburgh was a labor of love. Several years ago the Church would have topped this list, but the market is way more crowded now and some recent cost-cutting measures really turned me off. (Plastic Cups?) I must admit that the addition of Middleswarth potato chips at the […]

Fantastic Pittsburgh Places to Work

This was a hard list to generate since I haven’t actually worked at all these places. Over the years, I have met people that worked for these employers and have had many of them as clients. I can say that of the top 5, CivicScience is the most interesting having most recently been awarded a […]

Cool Pittsburgh Destinations

Cool is a really wishy-washy category. What is cool anyway? I think each one of these destinations is cool and interesting in their own way. This made it hard to rank, but I think most people can agree that these are worth visiting if you are traveling here. South Side bars are not for everyone […]

Pittsburgh Iconic Foods

Iconic foods is a tough category. I think readers might think that this is a list of the ‘best’ food that Pittsburgh has to offer. Unfortunately it is not this list, this is a list of the foods that were either invented here or were significantly embraced by the community. West Virginia might take umbrage […]

Best Pittsburgh Trails to Bike

The hard part about generating a list of the best trails to bike is that there are several different types of trails that appeal to different bikers with different equipment. So in the future this category my split into road and mountain biking posts. Right now this leans away from single-track and more toward level, […]

Top Pittsburgh Bridges

We have 446 bridges in Pittsburgh. I highly doubt I’ve seen them all. But the one that gets all the attention is the view from the Fort Pitt Bridge while exiting the tunnel, which is truly breathtaking. Here is a video about the secret rooms in the tunnel, stay to the end for the view. […]